by adil jadba



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Hi, my name is Moira

“But I prefer to be called Miss Moira 🐾❤️🧡💛💚💙🐾 .”

My Instagram account is @missmoirathefrenchie , I advise you to subscribe because I am an adorable puppy

About me

I'm 6.5 months old pure bred French Bulldog.😍😍
I loves playing fetch and cuddling with my adorable daddies. i am a very loving puppy and love to play dress up.

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Im so happy because I have two beautiful daddies, they give unconditional love don't be jealous i know my chance
that's why they agreed to start with Mtseller and let me become a beautiful model because im the Miss Moira, look at pictures with beauty products of MTseller
Show me the true love and follow me on instagram