Modeling policy


this modeling policy describes how the business deal goes with and his ambassadors. On this article we will discuss the procedure of modeling , our exegences , our intrest and your advantages If you accept this modeling policy.

why are we searching for models ?

We are a worldwide e-commerce. That's why we always need models from all over the countries , we also tend to make deals with all dogs races who were born to be stars, this isn't the only reason why we are always looking for models, when we receive photos of our models wearning Items of Mtseller , the volume of salles growing in a great way because dogs see themselves on those photos. For example,Chuihuawa dog when he sees other chihuawa dogs wearning a nice bandana maybe will change his opinion on this item from negative to positive opinion .

Why your dog should be a model ?

Add new activity in your dog's life. It's really a brilliant idea, like human like dogs,we all have to follow our passion, but far away of moral intrests. What motivates you to accept the idea of making your dog a model?

being a model of Mtseller is an opening of a door into a heaven of gifts , how's that ? once you work with us , you become our friend , and we sure gift gifts to our friends like bandanas , shirts or a hoods personalizied to you and to your dog , collars and other accessories. We also give a code promo of wich you can put on your bio to your followers and each order comes from you , we will give you for it a big commission. In addition, we can help you to use this code promo to get orders from your followers by giving you an authorization, with it you can give to your followers attractive offers , Under our supervision, of course , in addition to suggest to you the best ways to arrive at the buyers .

How do we use your photos ? 

We use your photos in three ways:
We publish them on our instagram accounts of our agents
We use them ike cover of our products on our website, the last thing is that we use your photos on a special blog on our website.
You can check it by this link :

Steps of modeling :

    • First step : check our collection and choose a product which do you like to model with.


    • Second step : Place your order and cover the 80% of the shipping cost.


    • Third step : when you will receive your item you've to share with us photos of your dog wearning our product.


    • Fourth step : confirm that you want to follow the procedure and you will receive a contract signed by Mtseller in your gmail .

General rules 

Article 1 :

The shipping cost deppends on the weight of the product.

Article 2 :

We send 1 pacage for each product

Article 3 :

Once you won't send photos of your dog , there won't be any dual with us.

Article 4 :

You can change your choice after you will order it , in no more than 24 hours.


Example of photos

These are photos that we already received from two of our models :


after you read this article we hope your decision will be positive.